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Even if your home is new it's going to still take a termite inspection as new homes are only constructed with a physical termite barrier. These obstacles make it hard for termites to get the house, as the termites need to cross or locate a gap in the barrier to enter your house.

Reports will include some rectification works needed to be done by the homeowner to lessen risk that is termite. .

These homes are most prone to termite attack, as most houses this age don't have any termite protection, Termite inspections on homes this era are recommended 6-1 2 monthly. Termite reviews by Pest-Ex contain external inspection of yards and home, internal review to all available areas and rooms of the home, Roof void inspection and a full written report typically 1 2 webpages containing recommendations and photos required. .

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Homeowners payed an average of  $8,000 $10,000 for termite repairs in 201 6, as termites are often undetected for some time they could maintain a home for 1-2 years until observable signs are evident to the homeowner.

The issue is when termites harm a house its not the timber that's the large cost its the renovations required to replace the termite damaged wood, such as in August we handled 2 1 homes for termite attacks in the baths.

The wood price was to replace. The cost was the bathroom makeover that was needed since the existing bathrooms that are entire needed to be demolished to access of the damage. Bathroom renovation 10K.

Back in 201 6 Pest-Ex has helped many homeowners create certain purchases in their dream homes, as we conduct Pre-Purchase Termite/Pest Inspections prior to the purchaser purchases the home. Weve also helped a massive number of buyers prevent disaster as our reviews revealed they were going to purchase a home that had live termites and severe structural damage.

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(In certain cases $80,000).

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If youre selling your home, make sure to have it inspected before you list your house for sale. This will allow any problems to be discussed with your broker before the list. Some may require rectification before your house is up for sale, causing a higher selling price.

Australian standards recommend a termite inspection at least every 1 2 months, no home is safe from termites as well as an inspection is much cheaper that finding out your home has been infested with termites. Termite inspections are crucial at early detection of live termite activity in the house and can stop the prospect of big scale termite damage and repair costs for the homeowner. .

If youre living in an existing house keeping termite risk at a minimum or constructing a new residence is essential. Termites love 2 things Wood and moisture, Here are a few tips on the best way best to prevent inviting termites.

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Dont plant tree kinds contrary to tour house ass tree roots may damage or crack the slab of the house and let termite entry.

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Our control remedies are the best approach to make sure your home will not be damaged by termites . We'll recommend the correct termite control treatment best suited to your homes construction type upon completing a Termite review on your house.

Barriers work by employing a liquid termicide from the soil around your home's outside. Programs that are usual are 10 liters per meter around the house.

After there is a complete termite barrier set up around your home termites need should they try to enter through the treated zone they will 31, to pass this zone that is . We use termidor was called by a product that is major. This is imperceptible to termites and generally starts to impact the termites 2 1 days following first contact.

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Once two week has passed the termites have spread the item back during the nest and this leads to the removal of the colony and the security of your home. .

Before they reach your home bait systems by Pest-Ex are designed to monitor and detect termites. We install typically 2 termite baits around your home to the ground and monitor the baits weeks. We install termite bait that termites feed and then spread the bait back when termites enter the baits.

This kills weeds as well as their colonys resulting in protection of the home as the termites spread the bait throughout their nest mates. .

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If you're a homeowner and you havent had your yearly termite inspection, then it may be time to consider booking to get report Check This Out and a termite inspection.

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